A Sample of Our Capabilities Includes:

  • Tower erection and co-location installations
  • Monopines, monopalms, windmills, signage, flagpoles, steeples, clock towers and light standards
  • Roof top and tenant improvement installations
  • Underground vaults, shelters and indoor/outdoor equipment installation
  • Microwave grid, parabolic to high performance installation, path and testing
  • In house sweep and ground testing services
  • Point to point site survey
  • Wireless internet (WISP/NISP) WI-FI and Hotspot installation and maintenance
  • P.E. sector frames for new and existing towers and roof tops
  • Ads, mods, micro, mini and pico cell to complete in-building installations
  • Re-lamping and new obstruction lighting installation
  • Tower strengthening, fabrication, modifications and installation
  • Electrical service modification/upgrades and temporary power
  • Permanent generator installations
  • 24/7 emergency-disaster repair and recovery services
  • Base station and switch preventative maintenance contracts
  • Base station and tower decommissioning
  • Power and Telco utility coordination
  • Early power and Telco installation
  • Site auditing and inventory
  • Civil specific contracts

We are focused on getting you on air and keeping you there,
it’s all about speed 2 market!